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Conference "Influence, Manipulation and Seduction. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Persuasive Language"

How can we get someone to behave in a way that they initially did not intend? And how can we change what our interlocutor is thinking about a certain issue? One option is to employ physical force. The alternative, far more reasonable and less violent, is to use language to ‘convince’, ‘persuade’, ‘cajole, or ‘coax’ our counterpart into a certain behavior or way of mind. These are activities we engage in constantly, usually without even consciously thinking about them. It is words which have the power to mold and influence opinions, attitudes, and thus, in the end behavior. This persuasive power of language is at the center of this symposium.

The symposium will take place at the University of Basel on 26-28 June 2020.


Confirmed speakers:


Sofie Decock (Ghent University)

Robert Fuchs (University of Hamburg)

Rosanna Guadagno (Stanford University)

Sten Hansson (University of Tartu)

Frazer Heritage (Lancaster University)

Christian Hoffmann (University of Augsburg)

Bogdana Huma  (York St. York University)

Robert Lawson (Birmingham City University)

Jan Michalsky (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Susanne Mühleisen (University of Bayreuth)

Oliver Niebuhr (University of Southern Denmark)

Rachel O'Neill (University of Warwick)

Ria Perkins (Aston University)

Pawel Sickinger (University of Bonn)

Piia Varis (Tilburg University)

Helena Woodfield (University of Birmingham)

David Wright (Nottingham Trent University)

Lu Xiao  (Syracuse University)